Unveiling A Man With A Heart For The Aged

Jason Hope is a big name in the entrepreneurial world. He got known for the start of Human Rejuvenation Technology Inc. Jason was born in Temple in Arizona. He further pursued a finance degree from Arizona state university and later got MBA from Carey school of Business. He was determined to see people live a better life. It led him to fund researchers to come up with discoveries on preventive measures of the various diseases. To achieve this, he incorporated the technology.

Jason Hopes’ generous nature has led him in funding education related projects. He offers both the resources and his time to have the project become a success. The beneficiaries of the funding include the True Colors, Arizona Science Centre, and Tony Hawk Foundation among many others.

Jason’s is more assured that with better use of the technological advancement the ailments related to age could be reduced. He believes if all the concerned personnel embraced the technology most ailments could get tamed. Jason sees technology as the tool that will fasten the services and inventions in the health sector. He sees technology as the future of the health industry.

In the aim to reach a large area he has partnered with people and organizations of a similar mindset like the SENs Research Foundation. The organization is known to have concern for the aging. It does this by funding the related researches. He is also a participant in many conferences related to solving most problems affecting human beings.

Jason Hope attended the biotechnology conference. It focused on establishing the measures towards curbing aging-related diseases. The meeting saw the union of people of different professions with the aim of trying to find a solution for the ailments. The different approach and knowledge were meant to form a background for solving the problem as a whole.

The Rise and Success of Fabletics through Reverse Showrooming

If you interested in the e-commerce fashion industry, then there are companies to watch out. You should look out for growing companies in both offline and online markets. One of the companies that has taken the fashion retail industry with a bang is Fabletics. The company has succeeded by coming up with concepts that improve customer service and customer experience. Fabletics products have been established and advanced by Kate Hudson. She is behind most of the fashionable activewear clothing produced by the firm. Fabletics is doing quite well. It has accomplished a lot in a very short time. The growth of the company has seen it compete with retailer giants like Amazon.


How has Fabletics managed to stay ahead of the competition? The answer is a creative business model and strategy. The company today competes with internet giants like Amazon. This is not a small feat because Amazon dominates 20 percent of the e-commerce industry. Fabletics has managed to beat such huge competitors by creating a reverse showrooming business model. The showrooming business model works by customers viewing products at stores and purchasing them elsewhere. Customers often buy from places at cheaper prices. Clothing retailers and stores have lost a lot of money from showrooms. Fabletics found a way to solve the problem through a reverse showrooming strategy. Customers can access the products either online or offline. Fabletics doesn’t care whether customers buy at the physical stores or e-commerce platform. The firm is satisfied as long as customers purchase from the company.


To increase inclusion and diversity with the products, Fabletics has opened another line of clothing that includes men’s wear. Men are now welcomed to the clothing stores to purchase accessories and sportswear. Fabletics released another line of product that includes dresses and swimsuits. All the clothing provided by the company are set for male and female clients.


Fabletics came about because there was a big business gap in the sportswear market. Kate Hudson opened the firm with JustFab founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They came up with the idea after noticing that there was no fashionable activewear clothing on the market. Most of the clothing available were the traditional dull clothes. The Fabletics brand was released to form a highly fashionable brand. Even though there are several luxury brands in the market today, Fabletics beats them with its excellent customer service. The gap in the market proved a suitable venture and it has since paid off. Fabletics was started in the year 2013. Within three years of operation, the company has grown to become worth $250 million.


Fabletics line of clothing has inspired customers to work out and exercise. The result is that the firm has changed the lives of many. The brand avails its products with the best designs and great prices. In a bid to inspire its customers, the company has created a forum where users showcase their passion every day. Fabletics has grown to become more than another retail destination. Instead, the company is made of a supportive community that wants to inspire and motivate themselves.

Billy McFarland and the Genesis of Magnises

No, despite how it sounds, Magnises is not some kind of magnesium infused protein shake – rather it is a highly popular and wholly unique New York based business. But it is not just simply a business, Magnises is also a social platform and it is this very peculiar quality about the platform that makes it so very unique.

Magnises membership, once obtained, provides users with a small, sleek black business card which is made of metal. Upon entering any and all businesses which are associated with Magnises and showing one’s black business membership card, the card holder will be granted a significant discount.

Some of the types of businesses currently associated with Magnises include restaurants, night clubs, galas, concerts as well as a wide variety of travel venues and vacation getaways.

For precision and convenience, Magnises also created an app for a wide variety mobile platforms which tracks and monitors all associated business venues so that the user will always known when a particular event is going on.

So for instance if there is a big, star-studded, Magnises affiliated concert going on, the black card app will instantly alert you to not only the time of the event but also the location so that you never miss out.

According to The Guardian, Magnises was the brainchild of the tech savvy independent business entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. McFarland was, until the founding of Magnises, known primarily for creating and leading the successful marketing and technology firm, Spling. However, after creating Magnises he sky rocketed in popularity, not just in New York City (where his company is primarily based) but all over the world.

McFarland states that his inspiration for Magnises came about at the sheer of amounts of credit cards he seen. At the store, the mall, the bank, card after card – everybody had one. It was no longer just something that was efficient, it was a cultural ritual. Hence he tried to tie his company to a card – the rest is history.

US Money Reserve Gold Coins Help Every Investor Make Money

US Money Reserve gold coins are a fine form of investment for anyone who wishes to make extra money on the market, and it is quite exciting for investors to find something that works for them. The stock market may not be the most-desirable place for investment, and there are quite a few other locations for investment that are safer for certain investors. This article explains how a US Money Reserve gold coin collection ensures high profits for every investor.


#1: Gold Coins Are Valuable In All Cases


The market in the present day has been growing for some time, and it is quite important that investors have something that makes them feel stable. Stable investments are important as investors may park their money for decades at a time without no worries at all.


#2: How Are The Coins Designed?


The coins designed at the US Money Reserve carry designs that are unique to the firm, and collectors know the coins have come from the US Money Reserve as they shop for them. The shoppers who are most-interested in particular designs must find the coins online, or they may trade with other shoppers. It is quite important that every new coin is purchase for its design and overall value, and the coins will retain their value at a rate that is in-line with the design on the product.


#3: The Finest Coins Printed Every Year


The designs change every year, and they ensure the coins are fresh when the calendar year changes. It is quite important that someone who wishes to invest has made choices that will ensure their future success. They may purchase coins they believe will have the highest value in the future, or they may enjoy a lovely increase in price over the course of many years.


The US Money Reserve is a full-service company that has allowed its customers to ensure they are making money on every new investment. They may wish to avoid the traditional markets because it is a bit frightening, and they will find what they need in the coins they have purchased from the US Money Reserve. They may sell at any time, and they will quite enjoy seeing their investments grow without much worry.

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Tony Petrello, Upping The Bar In Houston

As President, CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, has long been considered one of the richest men in Texas’ second largest metropolitan area, Houston. However, this changed in 2014, as Petrello moved down from the top position as highest paid executive. In 2012, he made $68.2 million in salary and incentives.

Nabors Industries performed several internal business changes after Petrello’s salary drew the ire of shareholders. Although, he made less the following year, he was still ranked as the top paid executive in 2013. In a December 2014 article in the Houston Business Journal, digital associate editor, Nora Olabi wrote about a 10 percent cut to Petrello’s salary on Texas Childrens.org. This reduced the Chief Executive Officer’s annual take home to $1.53 million, down from $1.7 million.

Olabi outlined the reasons for the reduction in pay. She cited the cut as strictly a procedural process after a purported merger deal was put on hold. That deal was a $2 billion merger with C&J Energy Services, Inc.

The delay wasn’t anything related to Nabors Industries; a lower court judge ruled that in fairness to the industry, C&J Energy Services must seek additional bids from competitors, prior to closing the deal. Nora Olabi wrote that later the lower court’s ruling was “overthrown.” Immediately following, C&J Energy moved to disallow all offers from the competitors.

Tony Petrello is no stranger to “fighting the good fight.” He was faced with a parent’s worst fear, a child born with a life changing illness. Petrello and his wife, Cynthia were devastated to discover that their newborn daughter, Carena had a neurological disorder, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). At birth, Carena weighed a mere 20 ounces. She struggled after being born at 24 weeks. Preemies commonly develop PVL, due to decreased oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

The diagnosis and lack of treatment options left the Petrellos floored. They are people who are use to problem solving. This time they had no answers, and had to rely on research, so the Petrellos took up a greater cause, helping to find a cure.

The Petrellos teamed up with the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute. Together they’re helping to raise awareness and hope. Tony and Cynthia Petrello gave the Institute the largest donation of its kind, $5 million and have committed to finding a cure for PVL; pledging to donate another $2 million, for $7 million dollars in total.

Nabor Industries on linkedin.com is the largest onshore drilling contractor in the world. In 2011, when the Chief Executive Officer’s position with left vacant by the departure of 81-year-old Eugene Isenberg, Tony Petrello immediately took over. Before that, he served as Managing Partner and counsel with leading firm, Baker McKenzie for 12 years.

Additionally, Tony Petrello serves as Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital and MediaonDemand.com. Petrello is an Ivy league graduate, having received his law degree from Harvard, after completing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Yale.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=290691&privcapId=290681

Madison Street Capital High Quality Investments

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that holds a high reputation for delivering corporate financial advisory services to public and private businesses. The Madison Street Capital reputation comes from their commitment to integrity, excellence, and leadership in the investment field. MSC responds quickly and efficiently to their clients’ needs due to the time sensitive nature of many of their transactions. They have offices in North America, Asia, and Africa, which allow them to attend to local transactions as well as global ones.


MSC takes an approach to their clients to help ensure maximum profitability. Their approach is one to benefit both the business and the investor, which is what holds them at such high quality. Every service is given scrutiny to make sure that both parties benefit from the deal. Their team of investment specialists have the knowledge and experience to match the right buyers and sellers for a mutually beneficial relationship. They also want to ensure each client receives the appropriate financing and capitalization structure to improve their profits. They have extensive experience in corporate finance, market pricing, deal structuring, and the design of exit strategies. MSC is a leader in providing financial advisory services and mergers and acquisitions.


MSC services match their clients diverse and intense needs. As businesses grow, they need services to help them in the competitive financial world. Their corporate advisory services include: mergers and acquisitions, capitalization restructuring, bankruptcy services, buy out advisory and much more. They offer valuation services for business and financial reporting. These services include among a few: tax compliance, business valuation, and shared based compensation. They also offer asset management, tax planning, and wealth preservation. The plethora of services they offer is why they are one of the leading investment firms in the industry. MSC continues to serve their clients with the best and most high quality service in the financial industry.

Learn more: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=116516616