Todd Lubar and Making a Difference through Business

Mr. Todd Lubar is a wildly successful business owner who is based in the city of Potomac in the state of Maryland. He owns the company called TDL Global Ventures, LLC and is also an active part of the leadership team of the enterprise. TDL Global Ventures, LLC is a leading company working with investments. The firm has its main building in the city of New Jersey. Mr. Todd Lubar has been at the position of President for more than four years. At the beginning of his career, he established many beneficial connections that have become his most reliable contacts.

According to yelp, Mr. Todd Lubar received his education from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC which he attended for about a decade. He started high school in 1987 and went to The Peddie School In Hightstown which is also located in New Jersey. Mr. Todd Lubar completed his university education in 1995 when he graduated with a bachelor’s’ degree in Speech Communications and Rhetoric from the Syracuse University. Mr. Todd Lubar put a decisive start to his professional career when he started occupying the position of loan originator at the famous Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He was later offered a job by Legacy financial group where he worked at an equity position. He worked in the office In Maryland, and he was a highly valued member of the team. Thanks to his hard work and knowledge, Mr. Todd Lubar was able to increase the loan volume to up to one hundred million dollars every year. Mr. Todd Lubar is also very active with his philanthropy work. He used to occupy the post of Senior Vice President for the organisation of Carter Funding with has the mission of helping people that are in need, more info can be found on his crunchbase profile.

Mr. Todd Lubar has also had an intense fascination with business of real estate. He has worked on many projects all over the Unites States of America. He has been a part of some of the most significant projects during the last few years. Mr. Todd Lubar talked about how he views his line of work in a recent interview. He talked about how for him the business of real estate holds a lot more than just monetary value. It is both a profession and a calling that allows him to help people of all walks of life and ages to build a life in a good secure home that they can call their own.


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