Todd Lubar Sees Global Change in Smart Tech

Throughout the history of the world, the economy has been shaped by innovation, seeing the most consistent periods of prosperity at a time when innovation was at their height. Often times, these innovations were not implemented by the governing bodies of a country, but by inventors and entrepreneurs that have mastered their crafts, delivering a product that increases efficiency through and through. Inventions such as the steam engine, revolutionized global travel, while also altering the world’s economic infrastructure due to the jobs that it created for generations to come. While increased job opportunities are always a good thing, the most beneficial factor provided by innovation lies in the goods and services that can be utilized to improves society in areas regarding the quality of life and longevity. In today’s world, which has been regarded as the golden age of creativity, advancements concerning computer tech, non-gas powered cars, and the internet, are taking place every day. Traditionally, the real estate market has been consistently lacking when compared to other industries, yet Todd Lubar, and a number of savvy real estate investors, are seeking to combine new technology, in particular, the Internet of Things, with traditional real estate fundamentals. Check out Yelp to see more.

According to Ideamensch, Smart home technology is taking the industry, as well as the world, by storm, as we are now able to control the conditions of our homes with the addition of smart lights and smart locks, remotely. These latest innovations, while currently only servicing a niche market, will continue to increase with respect to how common they are. For those with physical handicaps or limitations, the addition of smart tech in the home is making daily life easier and more efficient. Reaching a light switch, just a few years ago, meant physically touching it, but now this can be done with a remote control, or voice activation, making independent living a much greater possibility. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar attended college at Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in speech communication. Soon after garnering his degree, he began working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation – an experience that he has since regarded as providing him with invaluable experience. Today, Mr. Lubar is the head of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

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