Fabletics: Mastering the Reverse Showroom Strategy

In today’s digital-centric world, successful companies like Fabletics are looking to a reverse showroom strategy to meet consumer demand in the place they are already looking: online. Fabletics was founded with the goal of utilizing the reverse showroom model to gain market share in industries that may already be heavily saturated. Fabletics specializes in fashionable, high-quality athletic wear that is available at a reasonable price. The quality of its products is comparable to top-name brands like Lululemon that have been around for decades. By utilizing a reverse showroom strategy, Fabletics is able to offer its products at nearly half the cost.


Fabletics was started just a few years ago as a startup. In less than five years Fabletics has grown to garner $250 million in sales. The company has also grown its member base to over one million women that receive monthly outfits from Fabletics. Also, it can’t be denied that Fabletics has become a household name, continually taking market share away from even the largest online retailers like Amazon.


What is the Reverse Showroom?

A reverse showroom strategy basically means that instead of asking consumers to visit a traditional brick-and-mortar showroom, the entire showroom and shopping experience can be done online. Unlike a traditional website, these online showrooms provide an experience for shoppers. They often have social media integration, blogs, customer service chat functionality and many even have places for people to share real user reviews and ask questions. Reverse showrooms also allow users to save items they may want to purchase at a later date, where retail locations force shoppers to make all of their purchase decisions at one point.


Even content marketing like email campaigns and social media retargeting is designed to show past Fabletics site visitors only the content they would most like to see. This makes for a more pleasant shopping experience. Finally, Fabletics ships the outfit of the month, meeting its members’ needs.


Kate Hudson mentions that while she will always be an actress at heart, she plans to continue to be heavily involved with Fabletics as the company continues to grow. She notes that she would only become involved with a company if she truly believed in its message. She believes heavily in the power of fitness for happiness and that women everywhere should be able to find trendy, quality workout clothes that make them feel good about themselves when they exercise.

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