Dr. David Samadi the Chairman of Urology

Dr. David Samadi is a certified urologist who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of urologic illnesses, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer. He is a celebrity doctor who has proven to be the greatest prostate surgeon. Over the centuries, he has specified in the advanced slightly aggressive cure for prostate cancer such as laparoscopic robotic drastic prostatectomy and laparoscopic drastic prostatectomy. He is the leader of Robotic Operation and chairperson of Urology at the hospital of Lenox Hill

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran at Persian Jewish community. In 1979, he separated with his family due to Iranian Revolution at the age of 15. He left together with his younger brother to Belgium and later they relocated to the United States where he completed high school. With the full scholarship, he joined Stony Brook University where he got biochemistry degree. In 1994, he earned a master degree from Stony Brook School in New York. He completed his Urology postgraduate training at Medical Center of Montefiore in 1996 and finished oncology companionship in proctology at cancer center of Memorial Sloan-Kettering in 2001. In 2002, he did a robotic major prostatectomy fellowship at the hospital of Henri Mondor under the guide of Professor Abbou Claude. Despite being alone and the separation with their family, he followed his dreams and accomplished his desire of becoming a medic.

Dr. David Samadi has performed more than 7000 robotic surgeries and he started a robust practice at Presbyterian Hospital in Columbia where he worked as the Surgery Director of Robotic Laparoscopic in Urology Department. In the United States, he is among the few urologic surgeons who are trained in the three major areas of robotic, laparoscopic and open- surgery. Dr. David Samadi is the director and the founder of Mt Sinai Robotic program. He is a global lecturer and published many urologic oncology articles, robotic surgery journal, world urology journal and Laparoscopic surgeon journal. Also, Dr. David Samadi is a member of both Medical Association and Urologic Association in America.

Dr. David Samadi was recognized by New York Magazine as the best doctor in 2009. He has also been highlighted in cable news, Forbes magazines, Connecticut news channel and his articles published in several medical journals. Adding to his profession as a medic, every Sunday he works as a host in fox news for five years in the same channel. He launched a website pertaining health issues world heath newscast and a radio program.

Dr. Samadi is married to Sahar Danielpour and together they have two children a boy and a girl they live in New York City.

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