The Frontera Fund Fights The Injustices Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The Frontera Fund has quickly built a name for itself as one of the leading defenders of human rights of those living and working along the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona and the surrounding states. Only born in 2012, The Frontera Fund began life following the decision of the Ninth Circuit Supreme Court to come down in favor of journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who had been illegally arrested and detained overnight by Sheriff Arpaio following an investigation into events in Maricopa County; allies of Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona had moved to force the journalists and owners of Village Voice Media to release their personal records regarding readers including IP addresses on Online subscribers.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were taken from their homes on the night of October 18, 2007, in unmarked vehicles as an obvious form of intimidation against the journalists who had refused to reveal the personal information of their readers. While being held in jail a fellow inmate asked Michael Lacey why he had been arrested, Lacey’s reply was a simple statement, “writing”.


Although the incident may have become headline news around the U.S. on October 18, 2007, when media outlets reported the arrest of their fellow journalists and called the attention of the public to the incident a legal battle had been rumbling on between Village Voice Media and Sheriff Arpaio for a number of weeks. Larkin and Lacey had begun an investigation into a number of financial irregularities at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department headed by Joe Arpaio; the publication of a story revealing the details of the irregularities followed and would lead to the arrest of the two journalists. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were soon served with a Grand Jury subpoena from Maricopa County calling for the release of personal information of subscribers to the Phoenix New Times news outlet.


The arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would follow these events and lead to a Supreme Court battle in the Ninth Circuit resulting in the journalists being given compensation of $3.7 million for their illegal detention and arrest. The journalists decided to put the compensation to good use with the formation of The Frontera Fund dedicated to providing assistance to members of the Hispanic community and people of color so long victimized by Sheriff Arpaio over the course of his stewardship of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.

3 Factors that Enhance Ecommerce Customer Experience

Many companies across the globe are taking advantage of the latest advances in marketing. In specific, those marketing initiatives that focus their efforts on the individual customer. While the audiences that marketing teams reach out to may still be broad, the major aim is to ensure the individual in these audiences are always heard. So, it is also important to note that the methods that they are using today has changed quite dramatically. As a result, instead of a business launching marketing campaigns that cater to their own business operations and those things that they want to force people to buy because they are available, the new wave and trends in the industry in recent times are now meant to scale down the target audiences to individuals and their personal requirements.

In a nutshell, the newer methods are now focused on the customer needs, wants and their personal preferences. With this in mind, here are some of the top things that the ecommerce customer experience marketing plan offers to today’s business owners.

#1. – Securing the Data

Secures data that’s used to Analyze Individual Customer Buying Habits

Big data is a topic that the world is talking about for a number of different essential reasons. In fact, virtually every industry who conducts any type of business may have the potential of benefiting from the newer ecommerce customer experience concepts. For instance, with this new marketing strategy, businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence and the combination of ecommerce customer experience strategies. This is because the data that is gathered and stored helps to create a profile based on the customer’s online journey.

#2. Predicts and Prioritize

Once the data that the organization captures is stored in a database for retrieval, this information can be analyzed to be used for various purposes including identifying the past buying practices to see what kind of products and services that they have purchased. This information is then used to create a better buying experience using the latest information. For instance, there are many giants in the online world that use this data to present other alternative purchases that the buyer may be interested in. It does not matter if the products are electronics or a certain type of clothing items, the main goal and objectives are to focus on the things that the customer has already shown an interest in.

#3. Dashboard Controls for Software

In order for the small businessman to participate in this new marketing concept, it is essential to have the software tools available. Fortunately, these tools are available in the form of applications that offer easy to use dashboard technology.

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Todd Lubar Sees Global Change in Smart Tech

Throughout the history of the world, the economy has been shaped by innovation, seeing the most consistent periods of prosperity at a time when innovation was at their height. Often times, these innovations were not implemented by the governing bodies of a country, but by inventors and entrepreneurs that have mastered their crafts, delivering a product that increases efficiency through and through. Inventions such as the steam engine, revolutionized global travel, while also altering the world’s economic infrastructure due to the jobs that it created for generations to come. While increased job opportunities are always a good thing, the most beneficial factor provided by innovation lies in the goods and services that can be utilized to improves society in areas regarding the quality of life and longevity. In today’s world, which has been regarded as the golden age of creativity, advancements concerning computer tech, non-gas powered cars, and the internet, are taking place every day. Traditionally, the real estate market has been consistently lacking when compared to other industries, yet Todd Lubar, and a number of savvy real estate investors, are seeking to combine new technology, in particular, the Internet of Things, with traditional real estate fundamentals. Check out Yelp to see more.

According to Ideamensch, Smart home technology is taking the industry, as well as the world, by storm, as we are now able to control the conditions of our homes with the addition of smart lights and smart locks, remotely. These latest innovations, while currently only servicing a niche market, will continue to increase with respect to how common they are. For those with physical handicaps or limitations, the addition of smart tech in the home is making daily life easier and more efficient. Reaching a light switch, just a few years ago, meant physically touching it, but now this can be done with a remote control, or voice activation, making independent living a much greater possibility. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar attended college at Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in speech communication. Soon after garnering his degree, he began working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation – an experience that he has since regarded as providing him with invaluable experience. Today, Mr. Lubar is the head of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

New Technology by Talk Fusion is Getting Attention

Recently, Talk Fusion released a new version of its WebRTC technology. The Live Meetings is now better than ever, and better suited for those who need to conduct business quickly and proficiently. Companies both small and large are now the beneficiaries of the latest version of Live Meetings and it’s getting attention all across the country for its ease of use and seamless interface. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is the revolutionary mind behind the company, focused on innovation and superior means of communication.


This video-conferencing tool is now making meetings more convenient, permitting up to 15 hosts and allowing up to 500 participants to be a part of meetings. The connection is prime, with clear audio and video. The sophistication behind this real-time tool makes it easy for any participant to utilize any modern browser. Additionally, participants no longer have to worry about downloads for recording. With a simple click, participants can open up a new browser for recording.


This no hassle communication tool is just one small part of Bob Reina’s vision to help change the lives of others. It was in 2007 when Reina started the company, but his desire to help others achieve their goals led Reina to put the company into the network marketing model. The ability to help others earn income from home and reach their financial goals while spending more time with their family was at the core of Reina’s plan to help change lives.


In the process of helping others reach their goals, Reina’s company was focused on commercial users. The overall goal for this customer type was to aid in increasing their revenue and productivity through the use of this real-time technology. Reina also included a Video Suite tool that would allow companies to create compelling videos and utilize them for their promotional campaigns.


Reina may be the man for innovation in technology, but he is also noted for his philanthropy. His giving back to the community has included everything from supporting an orphanage in Indonesia to helping the people of Nepal recover from the earthquakes. There seems to be no end to what Reina is willing to do to help others, including giving of his own profits to help others. Learn more:

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello Helps The City Of Houston In Its Darkest Hour

Natural disasters are among the worst thing that can happen to a city. When a city is hit by a natural disaster it can wreak unimaginable destruction and horror. Many people are fearful during devastating events. A lot of them think that death looms on the horizon. Also, people come to realization that they will lose everything that it took years to gain.

Houses, cars, possessions and even personal memories can all be wiped out by a natural disaster. On August 25, 2017 the city of Houston felt the desolation that was caused by Hurricane Harvey. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by the storm. It was truly Houston’s darkest hour within the history of this city.

While relatively few people lost their lives; so many individuals suffered through this ordeal. If it were not for the relief area of volunteers, companies, individuals and the government; many people would still be suffering to this day.

Tony Petrello is a CEO. He is in charge of Nabors Industries. This organization is an energy drilling contractor. This company has been around since 1968 and it values helping those in need. One of the core values of Nabors is charitable work.


The company expects its 1200 employees to give back to the communities where they work in some type of way. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Petrello knew that his organization had to do their part to make things better.

The company has a major operational branch that is located within the city of Houston. When the storm struck Petrello knew that he had to mobilize his workforce and get them out to devastated areas.

He sent out groups of his employees in and around the Gulf Coast regions where the hurricane did the most damage. Petrello even paid his employees to help out in this effort. Once his workers arrived they did everything from serving food to helping out local communities with their support.

Petrello has a spirit of giving that fits in nicely with the company’s core values. He knows that when a company is fortunate to have a great deal of wealth they need to give back to the communities and people that support them.

Petrello makes it a point to give. Giving is a way of life for him. This is why he did not have a problem assisting in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. Petrello and Nabors Industries has helped to save lives and to bring people relief in the aftermath of Houston’s worst natural disaster.

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Securus Technologies, Revolutionizing Justice through Technology.

Every family would love to keep in touch with their incarcerated loved ones. Not many Americans would refuse the chance to connect with their locked up friends and relatives via voice calls, text messages or Skype. Inmates need moral support, counseling, motivation and encouragement. However, different prisons and other holding facilities impose many sanctions on such communications, and they do it for legitimately good reasons. Securus Technologies, however, sort to remedy the situation by improving on technology to eliminate the criminal aspects of inmate communication to allow Americans to have safe and regulated conversations with their incarcerated loved ones as frequently as possible.

Why Prison Officials Restrict Inmate Correspondence with the Outside World

Most convicted criminals are dangerous in their deeds and intentions. Some wield immense power over criminals who are wanted and at large. Worse still, they inspire loyalty in easy-to-control members of the society who have no criminal records. Anytime they make unrestricted communications to the outside world, they coordinate dangerous and unlawful transactions like:

  • Ordering hots on prison officials, members of the public and even fellow inmates
  • Trafficking of drugs within and outside of prisons
  • Extortion
  • Mob violence

State, private and public prison officials struggle to maintain the integrity of their institutions, but they often fail miserably. Prisoners have often managed to sneak contraband communication devices despite the dedicated efforts of authorities to prevent that. Inmates use lies, intimidation and even sophisticated technology including drones to smuggle contraband phones inside prisons. Once inside, phones provide inmates the powerful weapon of communication which is used to conjure the services of their death merchants.

Securus Technologies to the Rescue

Securus technologies has serviced numerous American and Canadian prisons with impregnable cybersecurity for years. The company combats crime by preventing any malicious correspondence from taking place in prisons. It designs, installs and maintains prison technological provisions from taking place in prisons. It designs, installs and maintains prison technological provisions which control automated lock systems and monitoring devices. Furthermore, the company innovates cutting edge technology every week to stay ahead of the cybersecurity game. Their biggest victory over illegal prison communication is their containment program. The program effectively cuts off all contraband communication devices within prisons from accessing online mobile networks.

Always Innovating

Securus Technologies is so dedicated to keeping their technology abreast of the ever cutting edge criminal world. It has a big staff that mainly works on innovating its technology. Furthermore, it stays humble enough to enter intellectual partnerships for the sake of advancing its security features. It has used over 600 million dollars on patents only, since it took a good enough market share almost a decade ago.


Omar Boraie Had Big Ideas for New Brunswick

While Omar Boraie was working on making his business the best it could be, he was also working on making his city the best it could be. Even though there were a lot of issues with New Brunswick, Omar Boraie was still proud of the city. He wanted to show people the city could get better and it could be somewhere that people wanted to be instead of somewhere people wanted to leave. Omar Boraie believed he could be the positive change the city needed so he continued to help people have a better idea of what the city would be like in the future.

Not everyone saw the development opportunities in the same were as Omar Boraie. He was a visionary which meant not many people would be able to understand what he was doing. In fact says Yahoo, many people actually questioned his sanity when he started working on the building that he would eventually turn into a development. Omar Boraie knew things would get better and knew the city would be the best it could be. For Omar Boraie to do this, he tried to make the development something people had never seen before. Doing this made New Brunswick more enticing.

Boraie development was one of the first luxury living complexes in the city. According to WSJ, people did not know what to expect, but they saw Omar Boraie had worked hard on it. Boraie Development was professional and they did a lot of work that would make the city better. The development was the first step toward a more positive outlook on the changes that could happen in the city. Omar Boraie knew this and continued to push to make things better for everyone who wanted to see a change in the city. He wanted to see the city be the best it could be.

Now that the development is done and it is sold out, places like are taking notice. They published an article talking about the changes in the city and what the complex means for residents. Everyone is starting to see the positive outcomes of Boraie Development. People no longer question Omar Boraie’s sanity. Instead, they are grateful for the work he has done in their city. Many of them are looking forward to seeing what he is going to do next so they have even more luxury options in the town they are lreaning how to love.

Academy of Art University: Featured by New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion held its 21st runway showcase on during New York Fashion Week. Ten recent graduates from The Academy of Art University debuted a total of seven collections and two collaborations on September 9th, 2017. Graduates included students from California, China and various other places within the U.S. The collections were shown off in front of a reputable audience of fashion industry experts including Ms. J Alexander from Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model. Highlights from the design collections included a womenswear collection featuring pieces representing the translation of digital prints taken in nature. Additionally, a featured menswear collection was inspired by the expression of light.

Located in San Francisco, California, The Academy of Art University has featured the collections of current students and recent graduates of the school during NYFW for the past 12 years. In order to better help post graduate transitions and launch future career plans, The Academy of Art allows students to showcase their collections to prospective fashion industry members. As reported by their official website, the Academy of Art had a total student population of 7,959 for the 2016-2017 academic year. Incoming students have a variety of different degree programs to choose from, however, popular programs include design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. Currently, The Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art university in the U.S.

The Academy of Art University was founded Richard S. Stephens on the basis of transforming students into artists and designers. Stephens also founded the school on the belief that students wishing to major in the arts, should be able to without the admission of an art portfolio showcasing prior individual work. After drawing upon inspiration from his past career as Sunset Magazine’s creative director, Stephens helped the Academy of Art University open in 1929.



Bruno Fagali Is A Competent Attorney In Brazil

If you are dealing with a legal matter, such a business dispute or breach of contract and need a lawyer or law firm, you will have not have problem finding one. But you need to find one that has a great reputation in the field. That’s where Bruno Fagali comes in – to advise and guide you throughout the legal process.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney and has vast experienced in many areas of law. Bruno Fagali can be very helpful and provide the guidance you need to resolve the issue effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to legal issues like corporate governance, breach of contract, business structure and lawsuits, Bruno Fagali knows how to address the matter and ensure a favorable outcome. Bruno Fagali also provides a variety of legal services and solutions that help businesses stay in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.


Not all lawyers have a good track record. There are many lawyers in Brazil but to ensure that you get good representation it is imperative to do your home work before you ultimately hire someone. The difficulty will be in finding an attorney that has an established history of getting excellent outcomes for his or her clients. The more complicated the case is, the more is at stake. But by having a competent lawyer like Bruno Fagali on your side you will have better chances of obtaining a good outcome.

In Brazil, Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended due to his excellent track record. Bruno Fagali has a prominent law office that caters to clients from all walks of life. Bruno Fagali has represented some of the most popular and well-established organizations and corporations, as well as high-profile individuals. He is passionate about getting the best possible outcome for his clients.

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Bob Reina: He Delivers Time And Time Again

The ability to see what someone else is going through is one of the many great traits about Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007. It is something he truly prides himself on, as he should, because he takes it seriously. In life, you get what you practice and this is something that Bob Reina practices day in and day out. He does not take a day off from it. After all, we are talking about a former police officer here, so because of this, he knows the ins and outs of the world we are living in today. It offers him a unique perspective on how to do things and how to get the most out of life. He has seen people in bad situations. Learn more:


As a boss and as a leader, he knows the best way to lead is not with an iron fist. He does not want his employees to be scared of him or run away from him. He wants them to feel comfortable around him and feel safe around him. There is no reason to be scared of him. He is a kind, gentle, and caring person. He cares about people and their problems. He knows that time on this earth is precious and because of this, people have to make the most out of every single day. It is a sin and it is a crime not to enjoy all that life has to offer.


With Talk Fusion, now entering the decade mark, people are able to do that. They are able to enjoy life without any fear and without any second-guessing. Talk Fusion allows people to live life how they see fit without anyone telling them what they can and cannot do. That is not their right. As long as they are not doing something illegal and not hurting anyone, of course, Talk Fusion’s video apps are really going to take their business to the next level.


It is going to get them seen by as many people as possible with video newsletters and video emails. The word is going to spread very quickly.