Malcolm CasSelle and His Empire of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the leaders of the cryptocurrency today. That is for in-game cryptocurrency that is. His followers are all those users who make micro-payments in games. While there are limits to this, due to technical issues that come up from time to time, the business is progressing nicely. There are marketplaces where this is happening today. WAX, Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a marketplace where this type of currency is exchanged.


WAX allows people to use a widget called OPSKINS to exchange this currency. It is used in the games people play now. That way the player never have to leave their game. They can make their purchase with a simple click and enjoy their play. When combined with the various payment processing companies the only restrictions are the countries where they live. Protections are even actively taken to protect against fraud. This system to protect from fraud also protects against the isolation of the various regions for gameplay. WAX makes all of that seamless exchange possible.


There have been many companies participating in this type of venture over the years. In-game currency is one of the fastest markets in computer science today. Many businesses beyond games use it. In the case of some, it is their largest area of financial stability. The future of this type of industry is exciting. There is little doubt that CasSelle will be right there as it grows in the future.


As the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle previously worked on startups and been an investor as well. Some of those companies are leaders today, Facebook being just one of them. He has also donated to many academic ventures as well. His investments are widely varied. It has been a passion in his life since the beginning of his career.


He speaks Mandarin Chinese and Japanese as well. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT. He went on to complete his master’s degree in the same field of study from Stanford University. There is little more known publicly about his early years, but he is 48 years old today. He is a passionate entrepreneur.


Todd Lubar Sees Global Change in Smart Tech

Throughout the history of the world, the economy has been shaped by innovation, seeing the most consistent periods of prosperity at a time when innovation was at their height. Often times, these innovations were not implemented by the governing bodies of a country, but by inventors and entrepreneurs that have mastered their crafts, delivering a product that increases efficiency through and through. Inventions such as the steam engine, revolutionized global travel, while also altering the world’s economic infrastructure due to the jobs that it created for generations to come. While increased job opportunities are always a good thing, the most beneficial factor provided by innovation lies in the goods and services that can be utilized to improves society in areas regarding the quality of life and longevity. In today’s world, which has been regarded as the golden age of creativity, advancements concerning computer tech, non-gas powered cars, and the internet, are taking place every day. Traditionally, the real estate market has been consistently lacking when compared to other industries, yet Todd Lubar, and a number of savvy real estate investors, are seeking to combine new technology, in particular, the Internet of Things, with traditional real estate fundamentals. Check out Yelp to see more.

According to Ideamensch, Smart home technology is taking the industry, as well as the world, by storm, as we are now able to control the conditions of our homes with the addition of smart lights and smart locks, remotely. These latest innovations, while currently only servicing a niche market, will continue to increase with respect to how common they are. For those with physical handicaps or limitations, the addition of smart tech in the home is making daily life easier and more efficient. Reaching a light switch, just a few years ago, meant physically touching it, but now this can be done with a remote control, or voice activation, making independent living a much greater possibility. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar attended college at Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in speech communication. Soon after garnering his degree, he began working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation – an experience that he has since regarded as providing him with invaluable experience. Today, Mr. Lubar is the head of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello Helps The City Of Houston In Its Darkest Hour

Natural disasters are among the worst thing that can happen to a city. When a city is hit by a natural disaster it can wreak unimaginable destruction and horror. Many people are fearful during devastating events. A lot of them think that death looms on the horizon. Also, people come to realization that they will lose everything that it took years to gain.

Houses, cars, possessions and even personal memories can all be wiped out by a natural disaster. On August 25, 2017 the city of Houston felt the desolation that was caused by Hurricane Harvey. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by the storm. It was truly Houston’s darkest hour within the history of this city.

While relatively few people lost their lives; so many individuals suffered through this ordeal. If it were not for the relief area of volunteers, companies, individuals and the government; many people would still be suffering to this day.

Tony Petrello is a CEO. He is in charge of Nabors Industries. This organization is an energy drilling contractor. This company has been around since 1968 and it values helping those in need. One of the core values of Nabors is charitable work.


The company expects its 1200 employees to give back to the communities where they work in some type of way. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Petrello knew that his organization had to do their part to make things better.

The company has a major operational branch that is located within the city of Houston. When the storm struck Petrello knew that he had to mobilize his workforce and get them out to devastated areas.

He sent out groups of his employees in and around the Gulf Coast regions where the hurricane did the most damage. Petrello even paid his employees to help out in this effort. Once his workers arrived they did everything from serving food to helping out local communities with their support.

Petrello has a spirit of giving that fits in nicely with the company’s core values. He knows that when a company is fortunate to have a great deal of wealth they need to give back to the communities and people that support them.

Petrello makes it a point to give. Giving is a way of life for him. This is why he did not have a problem assisting in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. Petrello and Nabors Industries has helped to save lives and to bring people relief in the aftermath of Houston’s worst natural disaster.

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Understanding Bridget Scarr the Creative Force Behind Colibri Studios

Creative minds are rare to come by, luckily Bridget Scarr, is one of the few creative minds we have around. As an experienced executive producer Mrs. Scarr is a person who has a gift for creating content across different platforms that resonates well intellectually and emotionally with her audience. Some of the common platforms she has worked on include virtual reality, interactive exhibition, television and augmented reality to name but a few. Currently, Bridget Scarr is responsible for the daily development and bringing to life creative talents at Colibri Studios.


What is Colibri Studios and how important is it to Bridget Scarr?


Colibri Studios is a creative platform founded by Bridget Scarr to help her build and nurture the creative genes in individuals. After working for 15 years as an executive producer, Mrs. Scarr saw it fit to come up with an institution that will help her nurture the one quality that lacks in most content creators of our time. Thanks to Colibri Studios Mrs. Bridget has been able to create a home for her ideation.


What has helped Mrs. Bridget achieve all her success?


Being a creative, Mrs. Bridget has to ensure that her content are not only relevant to her audience but also attractive. This means therefore that she needs to sharpen her skills from time to time. In addition to reading, Bridget notes that meditation, keeping tabs with technology and unwinding with her son and family are some of the things that helps her stay grounded and creative.


What are the challenges Bridget has been able to go through?


Like any successful individual, Bridget’s success story is one best told with some of the greatest challenges she was able to overcome. Prior to starting Colibri Studios, Mrs. Scarr was a proud owner of an eight-year business. Despite the many years in operations, Mrs. Scarr had to close down the company she had diligently worked hard for and which supported not only her but also her friends. The closure of the business was as a result of delayed funds while others didn’t materialize at all. This was one of the lowest moment of Mrs. Bridget’s life but she was able to pull through thanks to the help and support of her family and friends.


Bridget’s advice to young entrepreneurs


Besides eliminating fear, Bridget’s advice to young creative is that they should be grateful for whatever they have even though it might seem little.


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Deriving Inspiration from Mentorship to Achieve Success

Mentorship is not easy to find nowadays. People tend to walk alone until they achieve success. This was not the case for Lori Senecal. She associated herself with people who mentored her through her career. Lori has managed to achieve career success. She is the global chief executive officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She achieved this remarkable goal by the help of the women she worked with at KBS. This motivated her to become the best in the industry, and she was inspired to achieve this success. Check out Bloomberg for more details.

Lori Senecal has used this inspiration to develop the best policies and strategies in the human resource departments. She has worked to improve people who cooperate with her. This has enabled her to be an inspiration to her colleagues and other women. Most people lack the inspiration of being successful because the path is hard and lacks mentors. Lori Senegal has dedicated her life to mentoring people. She has grown to work with the best companies. She has achieved success through these organizations. This has enabled her efforts to stand out. She has become an authority in the industry. Visit Adweek to know more.

Lori Senegal has worked with different companies. This has enabled her to gain experience. She has worked in professions that have given her all-rounded expertise. The mentorship led her to become a creative director. This has enabled her to impact women positively. The women have become creative directors at different levels. Lori has talked to women in various conferences. She has mentored many of them. Lori has mentored them to become successful in various areas of their lives. She has enabled more women to develop skills and achieve career success through mentorship. This has enabled her to win a leadership award as a mentor in her profession. Young career women should think of being mentors in order to achieve career success. This will enable them to have a purpose. Women who are mentored by others will create a chain effect and also mentor other women in society. This will make more women successful, and it will impact their lives positively. You can visit YouTube for more.

Don Ressler: A Man Passionate About Fashion

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have shown that they are people that love what they do. When they have founded TechStyle, it was out of a desire to influence the world of fashion. They did not take any short cuts or cut corners. They have gotten into fashion on Zimbio because that is what they are passionate about. They have seen first hand the effect that a simple wardrobe change has on an individual. There have been many makeovers where a person who looked his usual unimpressive self and then experienced a transformation that has given him renewed confidence. When women go through this transformation, they are often ecstatic.

While these are really good transformation, they often cost a lot of money to achieve. For one thing, a lot of these clothes that are seen on makeovers cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. One of the reasons is that a lot of these clothes are bought at stores that sell multiple brands at,%20Inc.. The companies have to order the clothes from the brand, deal with all of the distribution costs among other expenses. This jacks the price up in a lot of cases. Fortunately, Don Ressler has found a way to cut costs.

One method that Don Ressler uses is to create all of the products in house. He has hired creative directors and designers to come up with some unique styles for various types of clothes. He has also influenced some of the stagnant areas of the industry. For example on, he has taken on the athletic clothing industry and brought out some new styles known as ‘athleisure’. People have been inspired and challenged to come up with their own unique outfits that will impress not only themselves, but others as well.

To top it all off, Don Ressler’s brands such as Fabletics has a business model that ensures success. It is subscription based. Customers have to sign up and pay a monthly subscription fee. This enables them to save money on the clothes they buy. Members also get a bonus in which they receive a set of products every month for free. This is sure to keep the customers loyal to TechStyle brands.