The Coffee Company of Bernardo Chua: Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a successful man in the area of entrepreneurship. He is te CEO of Organo Gold. E is an entrepreneur who uses the strategy of direct sales to bring success in this business. Direct sales is one of the best tactics to succeed in a business and as a result the company has accomplished much through this strategy.

Networking marketing is also an important factor wen it comes to a developing business, Chua has these skills and thus uses them to take Organo Gold to greater heights. Organo Gold is a company tat specializes in the manufacturing of coffee and such products.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo Chua is a hardworking man who has been awarded a number of times due to is great work. Some of these awards are; Dangal ng Bayan which was given by people’s choice and national Consumers Quality Award in 2014.

Zoominfo has it that Bernado Chua has associated himself with important people in te Ganoderma produce because the company is a coffee manufacturer company. furthermore, te firm as been mentioned to be inclusive of the top firms that use direct sales in the food industry.

Bernardo Chua has taken the initiative of sharing his idea on direct sales as an important factor in business. Organo Gold has now expanded to the Philippines. Ganoderma remains to be the main ingredient in Organo Gold because it has extraordinary features in producing coffee. So far the organization has more than one million suppliers all over the world.

How did Organo Gold become so famous? Within a couple of 5 years it had already made so much accomplishment, this resulted to it being mentioned as the 55t biggest direct sales company globally.

The firm keeps supplying unique and tasty coffee all over the universe thus sustain its good name in the industry. On the other hand, the clients are always satisfied with the products they purchase from Organo Gold thus having a good company-client relationship.

The coffee is evidently breathtaking giving the customers more reason to come back for more. Organo Gold is situated in Canada, a place known to maintain its good produce and products as well as the best business strategies.