How to Find a Lawyer Online Through LRIS

Finding a good lawyer to help you with your legal needs can be quite challenging especially if you require to do so on an urgent and short notice. There is simply no time to review tons of lawyer profiles and try to identify the one that fits your needs? But what if there was a way to have someone do all the research for and send you directly to the best lawyers for your case? Yes, that is exactly wat the New York State Bar Association has partnered with to provide to residents of the state.

The New York State Bar Association recently announced the official launch of the trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a special platform designed to bridge the gap between solicitors practicing in the state and the people who are looking for their services. Through the new platform, users will be connected directly to practicing lawyers whose careers are in good standing and who are best suited to meet your financial needs.

How does it work?

Using the new LRIS service is pretty easy and straightforward. It involves a series of 3 simple steps that should only take a couple of minutes to complete. Here is how it all works;

Step 1- individuals who are looking for legal services visit the official website, and there they fill out a questionnaire which covers their legal needs

Step 2- Staff members from the New York State Bar Association go through the survey and try to match the individuals with the best lawyers who have offices or who practice within their immediate locality. If the location of the person lies within any of the 17 counties in the state that have locally run lawyer referral services, then the state bar forwards the application to the relevant county bar association.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the attorneys whose law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein, and Associates, LLC has been included in the LRIS program. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of the New York University School of Law, Jeremy Goldstein specializes in handling compensation cases, particularly those that deal with corporate benefits and issues arising directly out of mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy Goldstein is currently the managing partner at the law firm and can be found through the LRIS platform.

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