OSI Food Solutions — Leaders Producers in Excellent Food

OSI Food Solutions is a great food production company. They have been presented with the famous Globe of Honor Award for the year of 2016 for their standards of excellence. They avoid any envirronmental risks in their food production. This exemplary level of production serves as a standard in the food inductry and they have set the bar pretty high for others to follow in their footsteps. The award was presented durin a luncheon at Draper’s Hall in London. This beautiful city has hosted some of the most prestigious award ceremonoies in the world and the British Safety Cou ncil Award ceremony was no exception. They received the award on the date of November 25, 2016.

There were a total of 18 other food organizations copeting for the award but OSI Food Solutions was able to come out on top. The award is only given to those organizations who exhibit ahigh level of proficiency in the area of environmental management and safety. To be considered for the award an organization must show proof of their proficiency with local and global safety standards. They must have achieved a five star rating with the British Safety Council. The auditing is strenuous and strict. An organization must pass a rigourous checklist of protocols and guidelines and an independent panel of experts inspects the business at every level. They inspect the boardroom practices and operations and watch procedures in the shop floor.

For OSI Food Solutions to have received the highly coveted award is no small feat. Lynda Armstrong, Chair of the British Safety Council, congratulated OSI Food Solutions on their achievement. She stated in an interview that it was an honor to award the company with such high honors. The awards have motivated other companies to adopt environmentally friendly practices and improve their operations. By improving health and safety practices their opertions have become more sustainable for the environment and humanity.

Mr. Mike Robinson was the board member to award OSI the environmental award. He gave it to Kelly Grimwood (OSI representative of Environmental Manager Europe) and proclaimed, “Leadership is a key factor in achieving excellence.” This statement from such a prestigious member of the board proves that OSI Food Solutions are on the right pth to changing the way the world produces and consumes food. Their journey is still underway and they are making great strides to continue evolving and innovating. OSI Food Solutions is the food company of the future.

OSI Group The Large Global Food Company

Did you know that the OSI Group is not only a large global food company, it is one of America’s largest privately owned companies?

It has facilities all over the world and the headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. More than 20,000 employees in 17 countries are engaged professionally in producing high quality and custom food products.

It is very likely that you have eaten food processed by the OSI Group at Pizza Hut, or Subway or McDonalds! In 2016, they were listed by Forbes magazine as number 58. It’s income is listed at $6.1 billion USD. Recently they purchased Flagship Europe which is a major European food processing company. In 2016, the OSI Group also was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This recognition is especially significant for companies in the food industry.

The average person has never heard of this extraordinary American company. Yet, it is a world-wide leader in the food industry. Count on the OSI Group to meet your company’s needs because they are experts in creating custom solutions. Because of their global reach and extensive resources they are well prepared to provide excellent food service.

Remarkably,the OSI Group was founded in 1909 in the same geographic area as McDonalds in Illinois. Some of the same people were involved in developing both companies. The story behind the development of this large corporation is fascinating.