Securus Technologies Offering Exceptional Customer Service and Modern Correctional Technologies

Securus Technologies is the provider of criminal justice technological solutions for the correctional agencies. The company has been on the forefront of technology devices to be used for making the prisons and law enforcement agencies more secured and its security system more efficient. The company focused on inmate communication technology when it first started back in 1986 but deals with more advanced security devices and software for the prison industry. In the last four to five years, the company has invested millions of dollars on the developed on new technology along with on patents and partnerships with other technology companies.

The company wants to move from being an inmate communication company to becoming the top technology company for the sector. The company aims to improve the lives of the prison officers and that of the community by ensuring that the prisoners do not have access to privileges that often leads to complicated and dangerous situations. The company has a fully fledged headquarter located in Dallas and many regional offices all across the country so that their customers can get the best service possible. Since the criminals are adapting technology to break the rules of the prisons, it is up to Securus Technologies to update their systems so that these can be prevented.

Securus Technologies has been trying in many ways over the years to modernize the correctional sphere. One of the ways that Securus Technologies has contributed to the sector is by developing modern technologies that would make the correctional facilities safer and more secure. To achieve this objective, Securus Technologies recently announced the pilot programs of the drone detection technology. The drone detection technology would help prison facilities to detect any unauthorized drones that are trying to enter the prison premises. The drones are being used to supply a wide variety of contraband items inside the correctional facilities, and it needs to stop. In many cases, even weapons and guns are being transported inside the prison using the drones, and it is what needs to stop. The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies is still in its infant stage, but the company says that it would continue to use its resources and invest in it slowly to help it become more advanced and developed in the future.

Securus Technologies has also bagged three Gold Stevie Awards for its customer service, which is amongst the best in the industry. No service based company can ever win the heart of its customers if its customer service is poor. Securus Technologies has ensured that its customer service is exceptional and the fact that it has been winning the Gold Stevie Awards for many years goes on to prove its commitment to its customers.



Securus Technologies, Revolutionizing Justice through Technology.

Every family would love to keep in touch with their incarcerated loved ones. Not many Americans would refuse the chance to connect with their locked up friends and relatives via voice calls, text messages or Skype. Inmates need moral support, counseling, motivation and encouragement. However, different prisons and other holding facilities impose many sanctions on such communications, and they do it for legitimately good reasons. Securus Technologies, however, sort to remedy the situation by improving on technology to eliminate the criminal aspects of inmate communication to allow Americans to have safe and regulated conversations with their incarcerated loved ones as frequently as possible.

Why Prison Officials Restrict Inmate Correspondence with the Outside World

Most convicted criminals are dangerous in their deeds and intentions. Some wield immense power over criminals who are wanted and at large. Worse still, they inspire loyalty in easy-to-control members of the society who have no criminal records. Anytime they make unrestricted communications to the outside world, they coordinate dangerous and unlawful transactions like:

  • Ordering hots on prison officials, members of the public and even fellow inmates
  • Trafficking of drugs within and outside of prisons
  • Extortion
  • Mob violence

State, private and public prison officials struggle to maintain the integrity of their institutions, but they often fail miserably. Prisoners have often managed to sneak contraband communication devices despite the dedicated efforts of authorities to prevent that. Inmates use lies, intimidation and even sophisticated technology including drones to smuggle contraband phones inside prisons. Once inside, phones provide inmates the powerful weapon of communication which is used to conjure the services of their death merchants.

Securus Technologies to the Rescue

Securus technologies has serviced numerous American and Canadian prisons with impregnable cybersecurity for years. The company combats crime by preventing any malicious correspondence from taking place in prisons. It designs, installs and maintains prison technological provisions from taking place in prisons. It designs, installs and maintains prison technological provisions which control automated lock systems and monitoring devices. Furthermore, the company innovates cutting edge technology every week to stay ahead of the cybersecurity game. Their biggest victory over illegal prison communication is their containment program. The program effectively cuts off all contraband communication devices within prisons from accessing online mobile networks.

Always Innovating

Securus Technologies is so dedicated to keeping their technology abreast of the ever cutting edge criminal world. It has a big staff that mainly works on innovating its technology. Furthermore, it stays humble enough to enter intellectual partnerships for the sake of advancing its security features. It has used over 600 million dollars on patents only, since it took a good enough market share almost a decade ago.


Securus Technology Solves Correctional Facilities’ Urgent Crime Problems

Technology helps drive profit for many companies and innovates the way we live today. We can never find enough of technology, and we can’t see the end of its innovation. This desire to use technology to improve the lives of people is the driving force of Securus Technologies, the American company dedicated to innovating, distributing and maintaining the for-profit prison technology all across the United States. Based in Dallas Texas and founded in 1986, the company continues to improve the lives of the people in the corrections facilities. With an employee workforce of around 1,000 people, the company can offer more than a hundred contracts in over the 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States.


The company is famous for introducing the contraband cell phones system in the correctional facilities. There has been a lot of innovation in the complete portfolio of Securus, but one that stood out is its partnership with Harris Corporation last July 2016 to establish a business in more than four facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections. The technology that Securus brought to the facilities that changed the Wireless Containment Solutions for the services also contributed a lot of positive changes in the system.


Companies’ Feedback

Securus technology also received a lot of positive feedback from the customers using their technology to prevent crime. According to PRNewswire, many people affected by the technology are grateful for the crimes prevented because of Securus’ platforms.


In the PRNewswire, samples of the emails and correspondence proved that Securus’ solutions work. Most of the comments mentioned how the system solutions from Securus were able to track and monitor conversations that have something to do with drug trades and other shady deals inside the prisons. Securus’ tech is now able to make sure that the inmates’ calls don’t contribute negatively to the prisons’ peace and order.