EOS’ Success Story: A Scion of Excellent E-commerce

Ecommerce has revolutionized the modern day marketplace. It has taken center stage when it comes to marketing and brand awareness creation. Companies such as Evolution of Smooth (EOS), which have successfully integrated ecommerce into their operations, success has become a byword for their operations. It propelled the company into one of the leading suppliers of lip balm globally. Their meteoric rise in the industry has come within seven years; a remarkable fete for a company that had to upstage some of the established names in the industry. Currently, the company boasts of up to 1 million of lip balm units sold weekly. This has translated into financial success for EOS lip balm as the company’s value has risen to $200 million within seven years.


Rising of EOS Products

To attain their current envied status in the industry, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky who cofounded the company embarked on an initial market survey that saw them identify important opportunities in the market. Armed with strong commitment to their new venture, the founders strategically planned, designed and marketed their new product with the view of revolutionizing the lip balm industry. They successfully added to fun to the process with a spherical orb to rival the mundane tubes that conventional industry players used. After a breakthrough in the market, EOS opted to manufacture their products to meet their growing demand for their new exciting product., see amazon.de for their line-up products.


EOS management then toped up their strategic approach to their new venture with a masterpiece: targeting the fashion conscious millenials while using fair pricing to beat off competition, hit this site. Their price of $3 per their unique and exciting orbs is affordable to millennials. Using social media as an advertisement platform, EOS lip balm has increased its brand visibility to audiences around the world. Moreover, the company capitalized on the growing popularity of social media as a marketing tool and the increasing population of millenials.