Billy McFarland and the Genesis of Magnises

No, despite how it sounds, Magnises is not some kind of magnesium infused protein shake – rather it is a highly popular and wholly unique New York based business. But it is not just simply a business, Magnises is also a social platform and it is this very peculiar quality about the platform that makes it so very unique.

Magnises membership, once obtained, provides users with a small, sleek black business card which is made of metal. Upon entering any and all businesses which are associated with Magnises and showing one’s black business membership card, the card holder will be granted a significant discount.

Some of the types of businesses currently associated with Magnises include restaurants, night clubs, galas, concerts as well as a wide variety of travel venues and vacation getaways.

For precision and convenience, Magnises also created an app for a wide variety mobile platforms which tracks and monitors all associated business venues so that the user will always known when a particular event is going on.

So for instance if there is a big, star-studded, Magnises affiliated concert going on, the black card app will instantly alert you to not only the time of the event but also the location so that you never miss out.

According to The Guardian, Magnises was the brainchild of the tech savvy independent business entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. McFarland was, until the founding of Magnises, known primarily for creating and leading the successful marketing and technology firm, Spling. However, after creating Magnises he sky rocketed in popularity, not just in New York City (where his company is primarily based) but all over the world.

McFarland states that his inspiration for Magnises came about at the sheer of amounts of credit cards he seen. At the store, the mall, the bank, card after card – everybody had one. It was no longer just something that was efficient, it was a cultural ritual. Hence he tried to tie his company to a card – the rest is history.