How Doe Deere Became The Rock Star Of The Makeup Industry

If you’re a makeup and beauty enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Lime Crime. Or, at the very least, you have seen its influence in fashion magazines and on the runways.

Lime Crime, launched in 2008, is the cosmetics brand responsible for launching the trend of fearless neon pastel and glittery makeup. The brand is the creative brainchild of Doe Deere, an entrepreneur and self-expressive dreamer with a personality as colorful and bold as the cosmetics that she creates.

Before Doe Deere was the most emulated girl in the cosmetics industry, she was a Russian immigrant trying to navigate the streets of New York City. As an ambitious teenager with a burning desire to make it as a rock star, Deere found herself taking gigs at nightclubs and bars in Manhattan on a weekly basis.

In addition to her musical talent, Deere’s fashion style earned her loads of attention. Born with a deep need to express herself creatively at all times, Deere created a unique fashion aesthetic for herself by dressing in bright, glittery and attention-grabbing outfits that she made.

Eventually, Deere’s talent as a clothing designer and seamstress inspired her to launch a fashion line. Called Lime Crime, Deere’s fashion brand launched in 2004. Naturally, Deere modeled the clothing herself. However, she struggled to find makeup that was bold and bright enough to complement her creative outfits.

When Deere finally launched Lime Crime as a cosmetics brand in 2008, it was an attempt to inspire women like herself to experiment with wild makeup. Bright, metallic and sparkly products like the Unicorn Lipsticks and the Velvetines glosses were designed to challenge the minimalist style that was everywhere in 2008.

Deere’s devotion to her creative vision and her rebellious nature quickly paid off. Within just a few years, Lime Crime became the ultimate trendsetting brand, inspiring millions of millennials to paint their faces in glitter and pastels.

It didn’t take long for other makeup brands to catch on and emulate Lime Crime’s signature aesthetic of bright pastels and whimsical packaging. However, it’s apparent that Deere will always be ahead of the curve. While other brands copy whatever is trendy, Deere’s unique products are plucked from her dreamy imagination.

It’s Deere’s deep understanding of her own creative vision that has earned her company such a strong reputation. Lime Crime customers know that they are getting a product that is truly unique. Thanks to Doe Deere’s colorful and whimsical imagination, millions of millennial makeup lovers are expressing themselves with the magic of makeup.