Rocketship Education is the Very Best

Not everyone in America has access to the best educational opportunities. In poorer economic areas, the tax base may have eroded to the extent that it is very meager or nonexistent. Without public funding, it is very difficult to have a good school system that provides a quality education.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school network that places their learning centers in the middle of these disadvantaged areas. They partner with communities, parents, teachers, and other community people of interest. The innovative methods that Rocketship uses are designed to make learning fun and exciting for children, while at the same time teaching them bedrock principles for learning.

Rocketship Education is an elementary school only, because that is where the foundation is laid, and that is also where the highest need is in schools today. When elementary students get the right education with the correct fundamentals, there is no stopping them when they get into middle school and high school.

Rather than the traditional large classrooms where students sit in one place all day, Rocketship uses modern technology, small groups, individual tutoring, and visual displays of vivid examples and exciting displays to get their point across.

Teachers hired are of the highest quality as well as assistant teachers who have the children’s benefits in mind. One of the biggest factors in the success of Rocketship Education is the partnership that is made with the parents. Parents can be as involved as they wish, and most are willing to help out with various tasks as well as being highly encouraging to their children.

Rocketship believes that each student is just full of potential and that the only way to unlock that potential is to give the students the proper tools. Students need to know what is at stake so they can shoot for their individual goals. When students learn how to learn, they own it, and this alone is tremendously self-motivating.

The results are very impressive, as the average Rocketship alumni graduate a full year ahead of public school contemporaries. When Rocketeers (as the students are called) move on to middle school their test scores are way above their public school peers.