George Street Photo and Video in Phoenix, AZ

The George Street Photo and Video Address Company is a nationwide association of photographers and videographers that were put together some years ago by three young photographers in a small town in Indiana. Their idea as to link professions together on a nationwide basis so that ideas and talent could be shared and a national brand be established. The name of the company comes from the street, George Street where the formed the company.

In Phoenix, Arizona one of the favorite locations is at the Desert Botanical Gardens where the varied outdoors backdrops provide an exciting desert array of backgrounds and venues. Ranging from exquisite modern architecture framing the natural landscapes to rugged, mountainous desert-scopes, the Botanical Gardens is perfect for that unusual and dramatic look.

For photos of all categories, the Hollywood Photo Studios locate in the Paradise Valley Mall gets top billing for family pictures, professional head shots, and baby pictures. Customers rave about the quality of the finished product, and why else would you use a quality photographer.